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Hi There :D I’m Rohan, a complementary background in design & engineering combined with a keen product sense and curiosity to understand business factors behind good design decisions is my unique strength. As a person, I get energized taking on responsibility, tackling large-scale problems and working at high growth companies where design is considered to be a partner to product and engineering.

Why Do I Design 
Design fundamentally makes a better person every day. It's a profession where I need to listen, look beyond my own assumptions to make a decision. As a designer, I get to broaden my perspective, learn about cultural nuances and understand why we do what we do. I believe solving user problems should channel back in positively improving the bottom line and relish every day working at the intersection of people, technology, and business. 

Where Do I Get My Inspiration
As a designer, not only do I want to solve user problems and propel businesses, I want to take the industry and the profession forward as well. In the design industry, I keep myself updated by following design founders and other such as Julie Zhuo, John Maeda, Jason Silva and Katie Dill.

When I am not designing, I am usually climbing at Earth Treks or enjoying a bike ride. 

Feel free to send me a message if you wish to have a chat. 
Thanks for sending a message. I'll reach out to you at the earliest.
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