What's this about?
 I love exploring new ideas and concepts via prototypes. 😍
In the past, I've used Framer Studio to ideate and build prototypes during weekends. Below is an archived collection of my projects. I still continue doing this work but use React & Framer X. 
Challenge One - Why can't prototypes be responsive?
Importing designs from Sketch into Framer causes them to become flat and hence they aren’t responsive. The modern web is always responsive and so should our prototypes. Hence I decided to investigate and tackle this issue.
Challenge - How can fans connect and share their passion with their teams?
Fans often discuss strategy, performance, and updates about their team with other fans. What if there was an experience where fans could engage directly with their team and have an enhanced experience? After brainstorming I wanted to build a chatbot where the head coach could interact with fans. 
Challenge - Is there a way to declutter notifications?
When my alarm goes off every morning my phone is filled with notifications. The experience of checking time is filled with information overload from notifications. I wanted to create an experience where checking time is non-obtrusive. 
Challenge - How to prototype interactions available during a video call?
We enjoy those video chats with our friends but become impatient when they pause their video or step aside to get a glass of water. I wanted to create a fun micro interaction for those few seconds. 
Challenge - Is it possible to book a ride in 3 taps?
Ride-sharing services are avenues for great conversations. I wanted to test myself to design the core concept of booking an Uber within a few interactions and expedite the process. To increase the constraints, I chose to design for iWatch.
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